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Cottam is Green

We’re dedicated to the improvement of our environment by:

  • Being members of the American Forest Conservation Organization. Participation in donating to the planting of the trees in a Global Releaf Forest in the United States. Participation to improve our countries ecosystem by contributing to “reforest” (planting of trees in Forests in the USA)
  • Promoting the installation of Higher SEER Rating Equipment to conserve the use of energy
  • Constantly promoting the proper sizing (Manual J Load Calculations Performed) and installation of heating and air conditioning systems
  • We promote new and or replacement systems offering higher efficiency equipment and accessories
  • We promote the complete phase out of Refrigerant R-22. Our installation consist of only using Refrigerant 410- A
  • We recycle and carefully manage all refrigerants (coolants from AC) to prevent release into the atmosphere by using recovering machines and recycling processes
  • Our technicians are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified so they are trained to recycle materials properly in addition they are NATE Certified
  • Our technicians are OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) certified in Safety Regulations and Procedures
  • We promote the recycling of sheet metal, batteries, copper, steel, iron, cardboard and paper on a regular basis
  • We promote the education of our staff to new changing products and services that lend to energy savings for our customer such as becoming accredited by the Building Performance Institute and promoting the Renewable Energy Systems available today with Geothermal and Solar Systems
  • Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. believes that taking simple steps in our every day practices can have a substantial impact on the saving of our environment.

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