Is It Time to Replace Your Heater?

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Is It Time to Replace Your Heater? Here Are 5 Things to Consider!

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As temperatures drop and winter sets in, your home’s heating system becomes a crucial ally in maintaining comfort. However, like any appliance, heaters have a lifespan, and there comes a time when a replacement becomes necessary.

Our Westchester heating experts here at Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning have put together a list of things to think about when you’re considering a heating replacement.

Let’s dive in and see if we can help you decide if it’s time to bid farewell to your old heater and embrace the benefits of a new, energy-efficient heating system.

1) The Age of Your Heater

If your heater is over 15 years old, it might be worth considering a replacement. While some units last beyond this timeframe, many begin experiencing problems or reduced efficiency around the 15-year mark. To ensure your home stays warm without issues, replacing an aging heater is a prudent decision.

2) Your Annual Expenses

Continually spending a significant amount on heater repairs each year is a clear signal to consider a new unit. Although purchasing a new heater involves an initial investment, the cumulative repair costs over time might surpass the expense of a brand-new, more efficient unit. Moreover, constant repairs often lead to discomfort as your heater may be inoperable during the repair period.

3) Sound or Odor Problems

If your heater is making sounds or producing odors that you haven’t experienced before and that you aren’t expecting, it might be time for a new heater installation in Westchester, NY. These issues can indicate serious problems with your heater and they may be ones that you don’t want to live with or that cannot be repaired. Call now and we’ll let you know soon!

4) Heating Capability

If your heater runs continuously, yet your home remains colder than desired, it’s time to contemplate a replacement. Older heating units tend to lose efficiency over time, making it challenging for them to maintain optimal heating levels. Despite efforts to enhance performance through repairs, investing in a new heater is often the most effective solution.

5) Rising Heating Bills

Are your heating costs increasing steadily? This could indicate reduced efficiency in your heater. While routine checks can help optimize its performance, aging units naturally lose efficiency. If your heating bills are on the rise, it’s advisable to replace the heater to ensure cost-effective and efficient heating.

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