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Do you know what the difference the two settings (ON and AUTO) on your thermostat provides? These two settings refer to how your furnace or air conditioner’s fan will run. The fan is what helps drive air through the air ducts and into your living spaces.

It’s pretty obvious that “ON” means the fan is on 24/7/365, even when the air isn’t being heated or cooled…and “AUTO” means that the fan automatically comes ON or goes OFF when the air is being heated or cooled to a certain temperature (once your house reaches the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat, the fan stops running).

There are benefits to both positions for the thermostat: ON (or OFF) will let you save energy when you are away from home or use the system only when you want to. But, Choice Comfort Services actually recommends you set your thermostat to AUTO and here’s four reasons why:

  1. You will enjoy more comfort and less noise—If the fan is left ON, you’ll have to listen to it all of the time and you’ll probably never have a consistent temperature in your home.
  2. You won’t have to change your air filter as often—The fan left ON will continually pull in air through your return vents, right where your air filter is, so it’s going to get way more dusty over a shorter period of time. That means you will have to change your air filter more often.
  3. You’ll save on your utility bill—Running the fan in the ON position all of the time could add as much as $50 to your utility bill each month.
  4. Your system will need less maintenance or “early retirement”—Leaving the fan ON means your HVAC system is going to work harder, have more breakdowns or even worse, not last as long.

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