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4 HVAC Myths Busted

Don’t make the wrong decision with your air conditioner or end up spending money you don’t have to because you fell for an air conditioning myth you heard or read somewhere. The professionals at Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning explain the common AC myths people assume are true about their air conditioning or how to save money … [Read More]

Why That AC Issue Needs To Be Addressed Now

When your home’s New York Air Conditioning starts to fail, many homeowners think that they can wait and get the problem checked out later. However, what many homeowners do not realize is something that started as a slightly annoying noise has the potential to flare up into a major breakdown that will be expensive to fix. A … [Read More]

Have A Happy & Healthy Halloween!

Autumn is a season with a little something for everyone: mild days with crisp nights, the start of football season, corn mazes, apple picking, and, of course, all things back-to-school. Somewhere in there, Halloween takes center stage for many people as the unofficial kick-off to the fast-approaching holiday season. While Halloween’s sweet treat indulgences are … [Read More]

Prep Your Home For The Holidays!

The holidays are a busy time, and no matter how you choose to celebrate, it remains a popular time of year to reconnect with colleagues, family, friends and neighbors. Here are some great tips for preparing your home for holiday house guests, to make their stay more enjoyable for everyone. 10 TIPS FOR PREPARING YOUR HOME … [Read More]

Shopping For A New Furnace? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Replacing your older furnace with a newer and more efficient model can lower the cost of keeping your home warm. A newer furnace produces less pollution and provides heat more consistently than older models. However, there are certain factors you should consider when shopping for a new furnace. Keep the following in mind: Efficiency The efficiency of a furnace is … [Read More]

The Cost Of Neglecting Your Home Comfort System

Looking at cost is more than seeing a price tag.  Take the annual maintenance for your heating equipment.  If you apply a small percentage of the value of the equipment in routine annual maintenance, your investment reduces your energy expenses, saves on repairs and takes care of you longer. That’s a pretty sweet deal. However, … [Read More]

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