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Control Those High Summer Energy Bills!

Summer is fast approaching and in New York, it can get pretty hot. Some homeowners dread summertime because of the need to constantly run their cooling system. Below you will find some tips to help control your summer cooling costs and keep your hard earned money in your pocket. Skip using appliances that produce heat until the … [Read More]

9 Simple Ways To Keep Cool During Hot Weather

Hot weather is not only uncomfortable, it’s bad for your health. Fortunately, you can maximize comfort and save on cooling costs during even the hottest weather by developing wise habits. Start with these nine tips to keep cool: 1. CLEAN YOUR COOLING SYSTEM Before the hot weather starts, you should make sure your cooling system is … [Read More]

New York: Are You Ready For Fall?

Fall is finally here, and winter (& possibly tons of snow) is right around the corner.  This past week on our Facebook page, we’ve posted a new tip everyday to help you prepare your home for the winter weather.  To make them easier to follow, I have posted this blog article so they will be … [Read More]

The Causes For Odors In Your Ductwork: When To Call A Professional

ANIMAL ODORS Although it may be a disgusting thought, bear in mind that many of the odors coming up through your registers will likely be animal related. These may be due to “animal smells” getting lodged in the filters, thereby sending the odor throughout the home through the ductwork. It could also be due to … [Read More]

Does Cleaning Your Ducts Mean A More Efficient HVAC System?

Air duct cleaning isn’t often a service that HVAC companies offer to their clients but it doesn’t mean the two are unrelated. In fact, we often hear companies promise that your home gets cleaner air and better system efficiency. But is that true? NADCA recommends that you get your ducts examined and cleaned every 3-5 … [Read More]

5 Ways Hiring An HVAC Professional Can Save You Money

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) projects may not seem all that difficult. However, many homeowners opt to hire a professional to ensure quality results on their HVAC system maintenance and upgrades. Have you wandered the aisles of your local home improvement store trying to determine what you need for your home’s air conditioning or furnace? If you … [Read More]

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